The power of the pyramid worldwide past and present

From scientists of ITMO University in St. Petersburg to scientists at the Hanover Laser Center in Germany – have been studying the power of the pyramid for decades and now it available for us at home – as Pyragnet, a domestic pyramid for personal use

It’s a known fact – the pyramids connect the world with immense electromagnetic power. The pyramids’ healing powers were discovered centuries ago, ranging from the large and important pyramid in Bosnia to the pyramids of Egypt. The pyramids’ locations have become centers of medical tourism, where people go to cure themselves and improve their quality of life thanks to their strong electromagnetic effect.

There are studies that prove that pyramids have proven medical powers! For example, they can improve the quality of our sleep, improve our skin condition and treat skin diseases, cure headaches, improve one’s sex life, accelerate treatment of burns and more.

How does it work?  Pyramids simply create energy

The force of the pyramid is based on the theory that the shape of the pyramids, built according to the proportions of the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, can generate energy with amazing effects. A growing number of scientists and parapsychologists find that a pyramid can repair and solve all of the problems within its enlightened walls. How? Because the pyramid’s unique interior structure resembles the special shape of a violin: a violin resonates sound from within, a pyramid resonates energy from within.

From cellular disruption to natural embalming and the prevention of decay: The power of the pyramid continues to surprise

 Many studies were published on the pyramids’ ability to disrupt cellular device operation, prevent decay in a living body and even in fruits and vegetables, which indeed undergo a drying process in the pyramid, but do not decay, thus they can even be eaten. Furthermore, studies have proven that seeds and plants growing in pyramids are double in size. When photographing the study of pyramid plants, the plants were seen swaying from side to side, as if dancing as they grew. Imagine how much this force can help the future of the world. Another example that will bring a smile to our face is that even the taste of cheap alcohol improves when left under the pyramid, just like quality whiskey. And so on.

Energy pockets as a scientific wonder

Scientists of ITMO University in St. Petersburg, together with scientists from the Hanover Laser Center in Germany, found that one of the internal rooms of the pyramid in Egypt can generate energy pockets. According to “The Journal of Applied Physics”, this discovery will be used to design particles that will be used to develop highly efficient sensors and solar cells.

The researchers tried to explain the distribution of the electromagnetic fields within the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt while studying the interactions of the electrical waves. The scientists concluded that the pyramid concentrates the electromagnetic energy in its hidden cells, including rooms containing the remains of the Pharaohs and their wives, for whom the pyramid was built. Although the research team’s scientific analysis demonstrates that the pyramid concentrates electromagnetic energy in its internal cells, scientists believe that this extraordinary discovery is probably a coincidence, as they feel that it is highly unlikely that the ancient Egyptians knew anything about the issue and, as such, natural embalming was not intentional.

The perfect mathematical structure according to Patrick Flanagan, among the first researchers in the field

Patrick Flanagan, author and inventor, studied the geometrical shapes of Egypt and the theory of crystals and pyramidology and wrote several books on the subject. Flanagan is among the researchers specializing in the force of the pyramid, shedding light on the most famous pyramid discussed in his book “Pyramid Power” – the Pyramid of Cheops. The Pyramid of Cheops is the last remaining structure of the world wonders, about 10 km west of Cairo on a 1 km³ hill called Giza, sculpted by slaves. The compound contains three pyramids. The Pyramid of Cheops is the most perfect structure in the world in mathematical terms – it was built by Khufu (Cheops) during the fourth dynasty over a construction period of 35-50 years. It is as tall as a 40-story skyscraper covering ~3 acres – large enough for eight baseball fields. 2,300,00 blocks of limestone, each weighting 2-70 tons, were transported from quarries along the Nile by over 400,000 slaves who constructed the pyramid. For illustration purposes, it took more than 40 mend to move just one of the smallest bricks and every stone – more solid than any stone found in cathedrals, churches and chapels built in England since the days of Jesus. Indeed, the pyramid required the same commitment from Egypt and Pharaoh, as the space program did from the U.S.

Researchers Max Toth and Greg Nielsen also supported Flanagan, proving what many find hard to believe:

In their book, they wrote: “A united effort was made by some engineers using sophisticated equipment from all over the world to save temples, palaces and statues. All the skilled engineers could not lift many of the single monoliths. The stone actually had to be broken into smaller pieces in order to make the relocation attempt a reality. The experts needed to cut up blocks and stones which the Egyptians obviously handled intact.”

From Antoine Bovis’ embalmed cat to a model pyramid with proven qualities

The power of the modern pyramid was discovered in 1930 by a Frenchman named Antoine Bovis. While studying the Cheops Pyramid, he entered the king’s room. He noticed trash bins around the room, containing cats and other small animals that got lost in the pyramid and died. Although the room was hot and very humid, Bovis realized that the dead animals had no smell. They did not decay – they were naturally embalmed.

Bovis was enchanted by his discovery. He returned to France and conducted experiments, built a 1.5m model of the Cheops Pyramid to scale. He placed the model on the north-south axis, just like the original, and placed a dead cat inside. After a while, he discovered that the cat was embalmed. Excited by his results, Bovis ramped up his experiments with fish, thighs, brain and other organic matter with a very high decay rate. They too were dried and embalmed.

The power of the pyramid and Karel Drebal's straight razor patent

Karel Drebal, a Czech radio engineer with an interest in parapsychology, read about Bovis’ experiments and tried to confirm them. One day, busy with the embalming experiments, he recalled an old army trick: he placed a straight razor on the windowsill at night, under a full moon, and the blade was completely blunted. According to Drebal, “the polarized light of the moon has a negative effect on the sharpness of the blade since the polarized light vibrates only in one direction”. Drebal wondered whether the shape of the pyramid can serve as an energy battery for all of the electromagnetic rays around us. He placed a razor blade inside the Cheops Pyramid model five times, in the middle of the king’s room. He used it three more times and discovered that it was not blunt. At some point during his experiments, Drebal managed to shave 200 times, using the same blade. He submitted a patent application to the Czech authorities regarding his miraculous invention, but instead of the customary three years, the Patent Office waited a decade to approve his product. During that time, the chief engineer at the patent office built a model of the Cheops Pyramid and conducting shaving experiments on his own. The pyramid worked for him and all of the other clerks who used it. Drebal obtained his patent in 1959.

Pyragnet – A product born of a combination of pyramid and magnetic research in order to bring the power of nature to your personal environment

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