The Story behind Pyragnet

Pyragnet, an exclusive Israeli development of a personal pyramid, presents an original and exceptional reconstruction of the world’s pyramids that attract millions thanks to their healing powers. The miniature model, introducing a world innovation, was developed in order to provide a personal, domestic and attainable alternative medicine solution for all, treating a wide variety of medical conditions and upgrading our quality of life.

This is the second edition of the unique boutique product which successfully sold over 1000 units ~15 years ago in its trial version and generated powerful reactions from its users, who declared a significant improvement in their health and everyday lives. Now, after another series of studies conducted for over a decade, intended to adapt the Pyragnet to the world’s cosmic changes, the product was updated and is being presented to you in its updated and successful version.

An all encompassing innovation in your own home

The Pyragnet, made by an artist, is a result of a lifetime study conducted by its creator, Itzhak Mizrachi, involving a huge monetary investment and decades of research into electromagnetic fields worldwide and cosmic impact of the ancient pyramids. Endless combinations and options were tested over decades, attempting to identify elements that correspond with the materials that create the force of the pyramids. Finally, a certain combination of magnetic crystals and unique minerals crystallized into a pyramidal shape was found to create unprecedented medical benefits for its users.

A prestigious gift for life

The products is inspired by the pyramids from A to Z! Its general structure reflects a precise geometric replica of the pyramids in nature, starting with the position of the vortex, focusing its forces on the human body, through the precise arrangement of edges and angles to its internal content – a refined mix of magnets and crystals whose size and qualities were meticulously examined and which were collected by the researcher, one by one, from various sources in Israel and around the world, aiming to receive cosmic rays and activate an electromagnetic field around us. All of these culminate in a rigid and sealed package with a black finishing and a prestigious stamp.

The power to feel good is in your hands

Pyragnet, as a product that is a miniature and prestigious model of ancient pyramids that have proven their miraculous abilities, offers an alternative solution and helps with a wide variety of medical problems, inter alia:

  • Psoriasis and skin diseases
  • Relieves asthma
  • Stops hair loss
  • Relieves anxiety, stops depression
  • Relieves migraines
  • Helps mend breaks, cuts and wounds in at least one third of the time*
  • Significantly improves sexual performance
  • Helps regulate the circulatory system
  • Helps balance blood sugar among diabetics
  • Significantly relieves digestive problems
  • Improves concentration
  • Helps achieve peaceful and continuous sleep
  • Slows the aging process
  • Provides the body and soul general energy and vitality
  • and more…

When a magnet meets an energy pocket

Pyragnet is not a mystical product, but rather an exceptional scientific breakthrough that harnesses the proven power of magnetic crystals alongside the wondrous features of energy pockets!

Pyragnet reflects the refinement of a scientific formula that combines the force of the magnet, known for its ability to attract and stimulate the iron in the blood, to open shrunken cells and to increase its flow. This, along with an extract of the elements from the gigantic natural pyramids, doubles the power of the energy pocket alongside the forces of the magnet and together they enable treatment in our private domain, leading to far-reaching results. Pyragnet’s impacts are immense, thanks to the features of the magnets and minerals, alongside those of the pyramids, which were studied by the world’s leading researchers. The impact changes from one person to the next and depends on the type of problem the user suffers from. The change is sometimes felt after several days and sometimes after several months.

How does it work? Pyragnet works all the time

You can place the Pyragnet under your bed, with the pyramid tip aimed at the center of your body (some prefer to place it under a chair in the office if that’s where they spend most of their time). The scientific essence in the product, combining mineral crystals and magnets whose quantity and formulas were meticulously tested, creates a magnetic “storm” that generates energy that, in turn, enables the brain to reach a state of “Alpha-Theta” (a frequency enabling calmness and containment). In this situation, the cosmic rays absorbed by the pyramid are projected outward through the body above it. Distribution of the cosmic rays and the enhancement of their intensity through the magnets and crystals, leads to increased body cell activity and production, thus the impact can be felt after a few days or month, depending on the user.

It's time to give yourself the power of nature

The Pyragnet team invites you to give yourself the power to feel better

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