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The Story behind Pyragnet

Pyragnet, an exclusive Israeli development of a personal pyramid, presents an original and exceptional reconstruction of the world’s pyramids that attract millions thanks to their healing powers. The miniature model, introducing a world innovation, was developed in order to provide a personal, domestic and attainable alternative medicine solution for all, treating a wide variety of medical conditions and upgrading our quality of life.

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Pyragnet's Powers

Relieves skin disease

Stops hair

Improves physical


Improves sleep

Increases sexual

Slows down
the aging process

Improves quality
of life

Expert's Testimonials

Pyragnet's Gallery

Studies and Articles

The Fruit Experiment

The fruit experiment in the pyramid’s clip of preserving organic matter.

Pyramid Energy Pockets

Scientists of ITMO University in St. Petersburg, together with scientists from the Hanover Laser Center

More about Pyragnet

Made by an artist

The Pyragnet, made by an artist, is a result of a lifetime study conducted by its creator, Itzhak Mizrachi, involving a huge monetary investment and decades of research into electromagnetic fields worldwide and cosmic impact of the ancient pyramids. Endless combinations and options were tested over decades, attempting to identify elements that correspond with the materials that create the force of the pyramids. Finally, a certain combination of magnetic crystals and unique minerals crystallized into a pyramidal shape was found to create unprecedented medical benefits for its users.

Research-based development

The research still continues to delve into the hidden mysteries of the pyramids and magnets and many experts in the field, including the Pyragnet inventor, continue to publish articles and books on the subject that we, at Pyragnet, are studying and channeling to your benefit and health.

Unique Powers

There are studies that prove that pyramids have proven medical powers! For example, they can improve the quality of our sleep, improve our skin condition and treat skin diseases, cure headaches, improve one’s sex life, accelerate healing of burns and more. The perfect combination of special magnets and crystals in the pyramid’s energy cell provide Pyragnet its unique powers.

Customer Recommendation

This is the second edition of the unique boutique product which successfully sold over 1000 units ~15 years ago in its trial version and generated powerful reactions from its users, who declared a significant improvement in their health and everyday lives. Now, after another series of studies conducted for over a decade, intended to adapt the Pyragnet to the world’s cosmic changes, the product was updated and is being presented to you in its updated and successful version.

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