The Healing Powers of Magnets

Years of researching magnets, their activity and qualities have enabled Pyragnet’s manufacturers to develop a proper and effective use for the body!

The magnetic powers of Pyragnet are enabled with fixed magnets creating a pulsating magnetic field, placed into a vacuum of a miniature pyramid model (similar to the energy pockets of the natural pyramids) in order to achieve improved health. Seeing that all physical processes involved electromagnetic force, the magnets have some kind of impact on most of our bodily functions.

We have put together 5 research based facts in order for you to understand how the magical world of magnets works and how it impacts our health:

  1. The Law of the Four Elements – There are four basic elements in our world: Gravity, which covers huge areas and its power to attract all objects to earth; the weak and strong power within the atom are too small and weak to impact our everyday lives; and the electromagnetic force that influences us most in our everyday lives.
  2. Electromagnetic force and electrical fields – Electricity and magnetism are combined to create the electromagnetic force. The scientific basic assumption is that where there is an electrical current, there is a magnetic field. Electrical currents are created when transferring a conductive material through a magnetic field. The blood in our bodies is a conductive material. When walking by a magnetic field, electrical signals will appear around the blood vessels.
  3. All activities of the human body are controlled and regulated by electromagnetic signals – every living cell is electromagnetic by nature and nothing occurs in our body without an electrical command, voluntary or not, conscious or not.
  4. The electromagnetic environment – Earth is a giant electromagnet whose magnetic field impacts all organic life, including ours, all of the time. The various systems in our body are regulated by the electromagnetic environment. Extreme changes cause functional disruptions and diseases.
  5. The important balance between external and internal electromagnetic pressure – As the external electromagnetic pressure increases, the internal electromagnetic pressure must be increased. This is very important, because life in the current age is completely different than what it was prior to the industrial revolution. In the past, people were exposed to electromagnetic radiation from natural sources: the earth, sun, cosmos, animals and other human beings. The situation has changed since developing the ability to industrially generate electricity: we are constantly bombarded by electromagnetic radiation of all kinds. Actually, the electromagnetic concentration around us is thousands of times greater than it was less than 300 years ago. This means that the internal electromagnetic pressure must be increased. It can also partially explain the accelerated lifestyle and increase in stress, internal pressure and disquiet.

The magnets in Pyragnet help users regulate the electromagnetic fields in their body and create a balance that does wonders for the body:

soothes and relieves pain, reduces inflammation, relieves symptoms, fights infections, supports the body, reduces water retention, increases cellular oxygen levels, encourages deep and corrective sleep, encourages and improves the emotional state, reduces fatty deposits, generates assisted polarity, encourages Melatonin secretion and restore normal pH levels.

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